Better customer acquisition, loyalty and repeat business by making identity central to your customer experience.

IAM for Enterprise

You need to engage with your customers 24/7, 365 days a year, offering services on computers, smartphones and in-store. You need to reliably identify your prospects and customers, so you can personalise services and make sure you advertise discounts or loyalty programmes they are eligible for. In parallel,  you need to safeguard usernames, passwords and any other PII against attacks and the consequent reputational damage.

To be able to do this, you need a resilient, always-on, secure identity platform that delivers seamless registrations and logins as part of a knockout customer experience. We have worked with global brands to deliver exactly that.

Web 3.0 is coming and driven by context. Digital identity gives your company the context to understand and meet your customers’ changing expectations.

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Put digital identity at the center of your business to drive improvements, make savings and maximise returns

We can help you:

  • Balance user experience and risk, so your customers don’t see an intrusive identity experience but at the same time feel happy you’re keeping their data safe
  • Track and manage customer experience improvements, through A/B testing and rich analytics to help you understand how your customers actually use your platform
  • Reduce helpdesk calls, through an identity platform that helps customers self-serve when they get stuck (e.g., password recovery)
  • See a single view of the customer, through consistent, privacy-respecting user identification, so you can improve case management

Customer success stories

waves UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) MGIA Customer Identity Condatis developed a Customer Identity and Access management solution that demonstrates how Microsoft Azure AD B2C can be used to provide a single identity across internal and third-party systems. See how we made the difference
World-leading maritime logistics provider Working closely with the client’s technical team, Condatis produced a PoC illustrating how Azure AD B2C can be used to orchestrate authentication journeys. See how we made the difference
Global engineering company Our client is a global engineering, technical and business services organisation providing compliance, risk and technical consultancy services. See how we made the difference

Getting digital identity right provides a strong front door to your services

Getting identity right can help protect your services from fraudulent use and start to reduce the risk of an expensive and embarrassing customer data breach. We can help you get started.

What are the next steps?

Get in touch with our team to discuss the next steps in improving the efficiency and security of your organisation. After you contact us, one of our experts will get back to you to learn more and understand your requirements.