UP NEXT: Exploring the Future of Digital Transformation

13 April 2021


On the 11th & 12th of May, four Microsoft Gold Partners, Condatis and Identity Experts are coming together to host a two-day conference exploring the future of digital transformation. Discover what the future holds for organisations, technologies, and users at UP NEXT. Join an expert lineup as we discuss and demonstrate ideas for future innovation in the world of digital identity.

University graduates

DAY 1: 14:00 – 15:00 BST – Redefining the Student Journey and Beyond Through Verifiable Credentials

Digital innovation has been front and centre in Further Education since the pandemic. The challenges remain for universities supporting students now and for the future. With the help of Verifiable Credentials, universities can support student needs effective and innovative digital approach.

Join us on day 1 of UP NEXT as we uncover Verifiable Credentials and discuss exactly how universities can support students in the future.

Along with Identity Experts, we’ll be discussing:

  • What students want and the challenges universities are facing
  • The idea of a digital transcript
  • How we look beyond the New Normal – and graduation
  • Where the benefit lies for universities, students, and employers
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Smartphone userDAY 2: 15:00 – 16:00 BST – One on one with Microsoft: get the scoop on Azure AD Verifiable Credentials

Organisations perform identity verification daily, but many have been waiting for a better way to do this. Following on from Microsoft’s recent Ignite announcement on Azure AD Verifiable Credentials and its recent move to public preview, we’re interviewing our partners at Microsoft for an in-depth interview on verifiable credentials as a safer, faster, and easier way for individuals and organisations to verify once and use an identity everywhere.

We’ll be covering the following topics:

  •  What this latest development means for organisations
  •  Why Azure AD Verifiable Credentials is a better way to verify
  •  How it all works
  •  Applicability across industries

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What's on at UP NEXT?

For more amazing webinars from the likes of ITC Secure and ITEXACT during the conference, be sure to check out the UP NEXT page to get signed up.

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