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An excellent student experience must be at the core of a University’s offerings. With so much competition, there has never been a more critical time to recognise the benefits of staying ahead of the curve when utilising technology. After all, the first interaction that an applicant will have with a University sets the tone for what’s to come. We want to help make sure that first impression is a lasting one.

As the world continues to become more digitally advanced, students and staff are more aware of the potential risks to their data. Ensuring that this data is processed and managed securely is of paramount importance. By moving from on-premise to cloud-based solutions and centralising legacy siloed data stores, Universities can reduce these risks, improving the students’ outward experience.

We are passionate about using technology and innovation to help Universities achieve this. From applicant to alumni, we’ve got it covered.

We work closely with higher education institutions to understand their existing infrastructure and services. Using Microsoft Azure AD B2C and Entra Verified ID, we help them carefully plan, develop and implement bespoke solutions tailored to their individual needs. And the best part? We can work with the infrastructure and licensing you already have, so there is no need for ripping and replacing!


How Microsoft Identity solutions can help you accelerate innovation

Student onboarding
Offer applicants the opportunity to use a verifiable credential from their digital wallet to prove their identity and onboard quicker. Issue new students their credentials in minutes instead of weeks.

Student Access
Reduce friction by enabling students to use a single credential to access university systems, facilities, training platforms, accounts, libraries and gyms.

Student qualifications
How about that digital credential for life? Empower students with credentials that can be shared with future employers or other institutions for further education.

Student discounts
Goodbye, plastic cards! Scrap the need for student cards by providing ID with Verifiable Credentials. The bonus? Student discounts!


Unlocking digital identities is key to creating a positive student experience

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Identity is central to your student journeys

Aside from their primary dedication to academic development and knowledge, Universities endeavour to create a seamless student journey through every stage of the student life cycle. Microsoft Azure AD B2C and Entra Verified ID have several features for each part of the student journey, providing a consistent experience across your ecosystem.







  • Create simple, branded sign-up and sign-in user journeys.
  • Provide password management features and enable self-service registration to your applications and services.
  • Introduce single sign-on for services, allowing users to remember one set of login credentials instead of several.
  • Roll out Multi-factor authentication to ensure safe and secure applicant, student, and alumni logins.
  • Accelerate transformation with verifiable credentials and allow students to prove their identity and gain access to buildings on campus, from gyms, libraries, and student unions to academic systems.
  • Empower students with a digital wallet to hold and manage their student data and end plastic student cards – ideal for sustainability and reducing admin costs.
  • Go beyond digital badging and provide a digital transcript for life. Provide students with a verified record of their transcript and attainments throughout their student years, speeding up employment checks with future employees as they begin their careers.

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University Case Studies

Seamless Identity Transformation: UCL’s Path to Success Discover how UCL revamped its applicant account management with Azure B2C, enhancing user experiences, security, and scalability. This case study showcases seamless onboarding, improved security measures, and operational efficiency, while paving the way for future identity solutions. UCL's success story offers valuable insights for institutions aiming to modernise their digital engagement. See how we made the difference
Enhancing student experiences with Microsoft Entra Verified ID Condatis and Microsoft engaged in a Proof of Value project with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. The Proof of Value (PoV) focused on using Azure AD Verifiable Credentials to facilitate smoother student onboarding and use cases to enhance the student experience. See how we made the difference

Getting your digital identity right provides a strong front door to your services

Getting identity right can help protect your services from fraudulent use and start to reduce the risk of an expensive and embarrassing customer data breach. We can help you get started.

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