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Dark Grey cover art for the Condatis podcast, Verify ThisOur team have launched a new podcast programme called ‘Verify This’. We’re connecting with experts across industries, shedding some light on the mysteries and complexities that surround digital identity. We’re talking about trending issues, lessons learned and priorities for the future within verification and authentication. Join us across the series with our quickfire chats whilst you enjoy a coffee or make your way to work. Sit back, relax and listen in as we verify this, and that.

S1E1: Seamless Traveller Experience with Gillian Jones

For our premiere (!) episode we’re excited to explore the world of hospitality and tourism through the lens of digital identity.

Joining us is Gillian Jones, a seasoned expert in the tech industry with over a decade of experience, currently serving as Senior Business Development Manager at Condatis. Gillian’s passion for identity and its pivotal role in commercial settings is evident through her involvement in co-chairing a Travel & Hospitality Special Interest Group with the Decentralised Identity Foundation.

In this episode, Gillian shares insights into the seamless traveller experience and the potential use of verifiable credentials within the hospitality and tourism sector. We’ll uncover emerging trends, discuss challenges, and explore the potential of leveraging technology to enhance the traveller journey.

So, sit back, relax, and join us as we embark on a journey through the fascinating world of digital identity within hospitality and tourism. Welcome, Gillian!

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S1E2: The Future of Digital Identity with Alasdair Murray

With 20 years of experience, Chief Product Officer Alasdair Murray has been working with organisations to deliver software solutions that tackle identity and security challenges in government, health, education, and private enterprises, emphasising user experience where mobility and privacy are critical.

In episode 2, we’re talking digital identity and what the future holds. Join us as we delve into how organisations might address the challenges faced with current standards and what the new era of digital identity looks like.

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S1E3: Verifiable Credentials: Making People the Network with Will Fletcher


In episode 3 we explore why organisations might shift to a decentralised way of operating and go through scenarios where verifiable credentials, a pillar within decentralised identity, might be overlooked but actually incredibly beneficial to organisations.

We’re joined by Will Fletcher, Lead Business Analyst at Condatis. Currently driving a pioneering greenfield project in the realm of decentralised identity technology, he’s the perfect guest to share just how far verifiable credentials can take us.

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S1E4: Connecting Learners: Territorium with Dr. Keith Look

In episode 4 we’re joined by Dr. Keith Look, Vice President of Education Solutions at Territorium. Territorium is a global education technology company with 12 million users worldwide on a mission to unlock the power of education and experience by focusing on the results of learning, utilising new technologies such as AI and digital credentials.

Listen in as we cover the transformation of the industry, the learner experience, interoperability, and user ecosystems from education, to skill assessment and employment.

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